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Terms And Conditions


Customers are required to make a complete inspection of the shipment at the time of arrival/receiving for any damages.

We have the right to cancel and refund any purchase order if billing address not matching in your order payment due to suspected fraud.

Any problems, all returns or issues must be communcated to our store respresentative, at 780-452-9868, within 48 hours of receipt of products and must include pictures of the damage, with a copy of the waybill signed by the delivery/carriers driver with damages noted.

All returns will be subject to a 25% restocking( for handling and administrative fees) fee unless the goods are defective.

Any goods returned ( excluding defectives) must be in original packaging and not damaged, which means in its original wrapping, clean, unopen, unused.

All returned items must be in complete and contain all included accessories

Customer is responsible for shipping, duties and/or customs back to our store.

Any claims for defective merchandise must first be authorized by our store at 780-452-9868.

All returns must be done within 7 days after day of purchase. Any return after that day will be voided.

All return expenses, including shipping, duties and/or customs will be the responsibility of the customer.

*FREE SHIPPING* PRODUCTSAll returns will be subject to a 25% restocking fee (for handling and administrative fees), and plus the shippings cost ( including both send and return shippings fee).

Proof of purchase is required.


For assembling or installation grow tent or grow light, or hydroponic systems or using plant nutrients involves some risk of causing a fire or serious bodily injury if not probably install or misuse. Seller will not responsible for any injuries, economic loss, social distress and damages to property, assets or personal body that caused by all grow lights, grow tents, and any other products.

Lighting, bulbs and ballasts tend to have intensity heat when use, safety precautions is absolute needed when install and use.