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Solar System 550

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  • California LightWorks SolarSystem 550 Commercial LED Grow Lights + LED Glasses – FREE SHIPPING***

    The SolarSystem 550 is a game changer in indoor and greenhouse lighting for horticulture. The SS 550 is compact and lightweight yet puts out more light than much larger LED grow lights and will replace a 600 watt HPS system. Powerful enough for veg or bloom, the SS 550 features fully programmable spectrum control with the optional Solarsystem Controller. Linked together in a series the SS 550 can cover any size grow area – large or small – while drastically cutting energy usage and eliminating the need to change bulbs – ever.

    The SS 550 features 50,000 hour rated LEDs and fans and a five-year warranty. Plug and play design with no external ballasts or ducting makes installation a simple one-person job. Small foot print limits the shadow effect in greenhouses but covers a large canopy area. High power output and low heat is perfect for large indoor grow operations.

    Time to replace older inefficient fixed spectrum lighting systems.

    Solar System 550 Features:

    • Programmable spectrum control for best results in all phases of growth
    • Covers a 3 X 4 area in bloom and up to 6 X 8 area in veg
    • High Power Osram LEDs – 400 watts actual draw at full power
    • Optimal spectrum for both veg and bloom
    • 50,000 hour LEDs – Never change bulbs again
    • Low heat output – No ducting required
    • High performance custom LED drivers
    • 50,000-hour water resistant fans
    • Automatic voltage regulation – 90 – 277 volts
    • Lightweight and easy to install – only 13 pounds
    • Robust design – made in California
    • Bulletproof active heat management
    • Local support and grow room design
    • 3 Year Limited Warranty
    • UL listed



    Product Specifications

    Input Voltage                                               120-240VAC

    Max Current                                                3.3A @ 120V

    Operating Frequency                                  50Hz – 60Hz

    Power Consumption                                   400Watts

    Total PPF Output* (uMoles/s)                     620

    Efficiency* (uMoles/s/W)                            1.55

    Weight                                                       13 lbs

    Dimensions                                               18″ x 8.5″ x 4″

    Operating Temperature                             0°F to 130°F (-18°C to 55°C)

    Warranty                                                   3 years

    Power Factor                                            > 0.95

    Product Features and Benefits


    Programmed light spectrum control improves crop quality

    Programmable daily or seasonal light routines




    Variable Dark Period and finishing routines

    Programmable UVB and IR Supplementation


    Wireless or hard wired networking controls hundreds or even thousands of lights from a single controller Internet gateway and smart phone control options

    Designed for easy integration with environmental controllers

    Chainable design simplifies installations


    High intensity PAR output

    Highest quality, top bin OSRAM LED emitters


    Over 40% power savings vs. HID lights

    Spectrum control reduces light and electrical requirements

    Compact design minimizes shadow effect in greenhouses

    Light weight fixture enables large scale installation on existing structures

    No bulbs to change


    Made in California by real Californians

    Local technical support and lighting design

    Local after sales service and 3 year warranty


    Robust cost effective design

    Smart controls for optimal energy usage

    Enables quickest payback times

    ***Free shipping for the purchase of this product anywhere in Canada only, except Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut***

    $1,239.99 $1,088.99
  • SolarSystem 550 Commercial LED Grow Lights with Controller – FREE SHIPPING***

    1 – SolarSystem 550 Commercial LED Grow Light

    1 – SolarSystem Controller

    ***Free shipping for the purchase of this product anywhere in Canada only except Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut***

    $1,524.99 $1,324.99