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Double Ended High Pressure Sodium Grow Lamp

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    • Provides 35% more availble energy than the standard metal halide lamps
    • This Optimized Spectrum High Pressure Sodium Grow Lamp allows you to stretch your growing season to 365 days a year. Fine-tune your lighting system to provide optimum spectral energy levels that promote vigorous plant growth.
    • Optimized Spectrum High Pressure Sodium Grow Lamps provide high initial and maintained lumen output with optimum spectral energy required for Bloom growth.
    • Optimized Spectrum High Pressure Sodium Grow Lamps are designed to grow high quality, natural looking plants during all phases of their growth cycles.
    • Specifically designed for high frequency electronic ballasts.
    • The absence of frame wire eliminates any shadows in the beam
    • For horizontal installation only


    ******************DO NOT HANDLE WITH BARE HANDS*********************

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